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Alias: djnolan, liquidice, nolimits

Real name: Nolan Naidoo

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What is your style:
I play progressive house and trance, hard dance - hard trance/uk hard dance, bounce.

Which dj's have influenced you into this style:
Dj Peter White, Dj Paul Almeida(mothermix), Dereck the Bandit and Sasha Martinengo

Whats the secret to rocking a crowd:
I think its very important to play for the crowd and not for your self as a lot of djs
become a little self indulgent and play tracks that no one knows and this shows by your crowd response.

What track is a guaranteed floor clearer:
Ha ha I don’t play tracks to clear the floor..

What do you do outside djing:
Software engineer

What are your 5 favourite tracks at the moment(January 2010):
W & W - Mainstage
Gaia - Tuvan
Ram - Ramsterdam(Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
Andrea Olive - Cherokee (Fine Taste Remix)
Stimulant Djs - Crazy Love

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